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Our Tuition is one of the most affordable plans in the country. The entire year cost $995.00 includes everything you need. We also offer payment plans with $100.00 down and the remaining balance over 3 months. Pay Now Here

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We Believe

each student deserves a quality education, regardless of his or her abilities, location, and circumstances. At ARHS, students may choose from a wide variety of courses including requisite subjects, as well as numerous electives.

We are Dedicated

to providing quality education that caters to each and every students' unique learning style. Our online web-based curriculum helps and assists everyone. Students can utilize materials in whichever way works best for their learning style.

We are Committed

to provide one of the most innovative and effective educational experiences available to each student in order to help aid and assist students to become productive learners and successful citizens in the world community.


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  • 100% ONLINE Distance Learning

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  • Individual and diploma programs

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