Online High School Diploma Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does is American Royal High School different from ordinary high schools?

American Royal High School offers an education to any adult who wants to earn an authentic high school diploma. You will take one course at a time; have a teacher you can reach by phone or email whenever you need to ask a question. You can use our state of the art Learning Management System to get your books, exams, quizzes and communication done easy and convenient. We are an approved Private School by the Department of Education in Florida. The key difference is that we are an approved distance learning high school, so your classroom is your home or anywhere you choose. 

Q: Why do you say that American Royal High School is the high school for adults?

Most of our students are adults returning to the educational system, some after being away for many years. We designed the school to make it as easy as possible for them to re-enter a high school diploma program. Our courses are more relevant to an adult’s experience of the world. They have more in common with the other adult students with whom they chat and email. We ask them to bring all the rich and varied experiences they have learned as adults to their courses, and we touch upon topics that would not be discussed in a regular high school. We try and bring their understanding of that world into our programs. 

Q: What kinds of students attend American Royal High School?

American Royal High School students are from all over the world, regular student who wish to dual enroll and expedite their graduation, students who are looking for credit recovery, adults, 18 years old and older, who come from all walks of life who want to complete their high school education and earn a diploma. Students who left high school originally for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reasons, we help students get back into the educational programs they need easily. 

Q: Can a student actually graduate from high school taking all the classes?

Absolutely! American Royal High School is a private licensed school, approved in the State of Florida by the Florida State Board of Education. We are also recognized nationally and internationally as any other traditional private high school. What that really means to you is that American Royal High School is licensed to educate students in the way the Florida State Board of Education determines. We adhere to specific standards like any other traditional high school, and at the end of the program, after a student complete the credits they need, we are authorized by the Florida State Board of Education to grant a high school diploma like any other traditional high school. 

Q: Do you have to be a resident of Florida, or can you live anywhere and take American Royal High School classes?

You can live anywhere, the key is that the diploma is actually granted in Florida but that does not mean you can’t be a student from any other state. For that matter, you can be in a foreign country. Anyone anywhere can attend American Royal High School as a “virtual” student and graduate with a real high school diploma. 

Q: Will my high school diploma help me in my job and college prospects?

Your High School Diploma is like a badge. It says that you have the basic skills needed to be successful, the ability to learn and do well, meet challenges and stay in the game until you win. A High School Diploma is not a guarantee of a better job or admissions to a college. But the lack of one is definitely a barrier to getting a better job or even dream of going to college. Also you will receive grades for your work and a transcript that will tell others how well you have done. With help from American Royal High School teachers and school counselors, and some hard work on your part, you should be able to do really well and not only get that diploma, but earn grades on your transcript of which you can be really proud. It’s no different from when you were in school the better the grades, the better your opportunities. 

Q: How do I get started?

It’s simple. Click the Enroll Now button or call us at and we’ll help you take care of the details. 

Q: What kind of financing is available for me to attend school?

There are several payment plans to suit every budget. Call us and tell us about your financial situation and we’ll help you pick a plan that works and fits your needs. 

Q: It’s been awhile since I was in school. If I need help will I be able to get it?

Absolutely! We’re always here to help you. If you need something explained, or if you want to discuss any subject, call or send an email to the teacher of that subject if you have any other questions about anything, please feel free to call us at or send an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Q: I completed some high school already. Can I transfer my credits?

Yes. When we get a copy of your transcript from your previous school(s), after you complete the Transcript Request Form, we will give you full credit for your past academic credits from your high school(s). If you want, you can choose not to transfer the credits and take the courses again to improve the grades on your transcript. 

Q: How long does it take to complete a course?

That depends completely on you. You can take a course in several days or take several weeks. As long as you pass the final exam and get credit for the course, you can take as long as you need. And we’ll help you along the way to make sure you pass the final and get the credit. 

Q: How do I submit exams? How am I graded?

Our state of the art Learning Management System handles all this for you. On the system you will have the entire curriculum you need to study, all of your assignments, all of your homework, all of your exams and quizzes. The results also will be there for you. The exams are graded and posted on your profile for you to see. Your grades will be entered automatically into your grade book that only you can see. You will always know how you are going without waiting too long. The teachers have a grading scale that will grade your final examination between an A and an F, just as in a regular high school. There are no pass-fail courses and you need to achieve at least a C in order to get credit towards your diploma. Once you decide you’re ready to take the final examination, the grade on the final will be your grade for the course. The Florida State Board of Education has a strict set of rules and guidelines that we need to follow in order for your diploma to be recognized and accepted as valid with employers and college admissions departments. You should be able to pass the final examination the first time. There are many practice exams that are not graded that will help you prepare for the final and, as we’ve said, there are lots of people who can help you understand whatever you are studying. 

Q: Will I need to buy any textbooks or supplies after I enroll?

No. you will have all the textbooks on our Learning Management System. These texts are as up-to-date as we can find and are used in the best high schools across the country. 

Q: Is the program approved unlike many of the other online diploma programs?

American Royal High School is approved by the Florida State Board of Education. Florida high schools are some of the finest in the U.S. with high academic standards. We meet and exceed the standards set forth by the Florida State Board of Education. You can be assured that an American Royal High School Diploma will carry the same recognition as any high school diploma from the State of Florida. 

Q: How are the teachers selected?

All of our teachers are licensed and certified. 

Q: Is my Florida State Board of Education High School Diploma recognized in the US and with colleges?

We have satisfied graduates in every state of the country. They have used their American Royal High School Diploma to get into schools across America and the World. Their American Royal High School Diploma has helped them get better jobs inside their company or find a new job that they might have been unable to get before. The Florida State Board of Education approves only those schools that meet or exceed very specific academic standards. 

Q: How many credits do I need to complete to earn my Diploma?

American Royal High School follows the state of Florida guidelines concerning courses selection and graduation prerequisites. The following is a list of the state requirements for graduation (Twenty-four credits). 

English ----------------------4.00
Mathematics ---------------4.00
Science ---------------------4.00
Social Studies -------------4.00
Electives -------------------6.00