High School Enrollment Made Easy

Getting started with American Royal High School is a fast and straightforward process.

We’re here to help you take every step on your educational journey.

Step 1: Select your payment option

You will start by selecting a payment plan on the tuition page. We have several payment options available to make our degree as accessible as possible. Next, you will be directed to a short application and our payment page.  2min.

Step 2: Complete Additional Steps

You will receive an email with further instructions to complete some additional steps to finalize your application. That email will also contain our student handbook, please read it carefully. 10min.

Step 3: Sign in and Get Started!

You will receive a second email within 24-48 once your payment is processed and your application is complete. This email will contain instructions on how to log into your dashboard and choose your classes. That email signifies a start to a new chapter in your educational career and we hope you are as excited to receive it as we are to send it.

Could it Really be that Simple?

The quick answer is: yes, absolutely! We think that you have already waited too long for your high school diploma and shouldn’t wait a minute more! It’s our mission to make your enrollment process as smooth and simple as possible so you can start learning right after you hit the button.