About Us & Our Mission

We focus on delivering the highest quality online educational experience possible at the best value. We know that when you are trying to earn a high school diploma online, the last thing you want is to pay an unreasonable amount of money.

Approval, Accreditation and Academic Partners

American Royal High School is registered with the Department of Education in Florida, School Choice  (School Code 5524) to issue K-12 Degree Certificates

Mission Statement

ARHS’s mission is to ensure that everyone can access quality education, regardless of his or her abilities, location, or circumstances. By making education more affordable and accessible to students, no matter what country they call home, we hope to enrich the world and grow global citizenship.

American Royal High School Institutional Goals

At ARHS we strive to apply our expertise every way we can to support our students in their educational journey both online and on-campus. We enable student success through professionalism and technology.


Provide educational programs that support different learning styles and types of students

We know people learn differently and we want to make sure that our programs can cater to everyone who is willing to put in the work.

Always strive to improve and update our platform to stay ahead of the curve.

Technology is evolving more rapidly now than it ever has. We are committed to ensuring that our educational systems are always up to date and running smoothly.

Constantly find ways to better assess student performance and program effectiveness.

Through analytics, we hope to better understand how we can make improvements and deliver the best quality education possible.

Exceed national standards in every part of our organization.

We hold ourselves to the same standards that we hold our students and know that it is impossible to run an effective institution without high levels of accountability and integrity.

Create an online environment and institutional presences that nurtures success in our student body.

By always making ourselves available we hope to engender trust from our students and continued commitment to our program.

Always put the needs of our students before the needs of ARHS.

Our primary goal beyond everything else is to make sure that our students are successful and satisfied with the education they receive.