Flexible On-Campus Tuition Options

A high school diploma from ARHS can change the professional and educational opportunities that are available to you. Attending ARHS on campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people and fully immerse yourself in our learning environment. Our graduates go on to do great things in the world and we would be honored to welcome you into our global community. 

Here are two options we have created for people interested in attending ARHS in person.

Unlock your future with a diploma from ARHS

Our campus is a place where students can come gather as a community and support each other through their learning adventure. While you cannot get an exact quote for how much your customized on-campus package will cost until you talk to an advisor, you can think of it as an investment in your future. High school graduates earn more money and have better job opportunities than people who haven’t gotten their diplomas. Your high school diploma from ARHS could start your journey to higher education at college and an even more specialized career. Contact your advisor today and take the first steps on the path to a better professional future.