Affordable Online Tuition Options

Getting your high school diploma increases your professional opportunities and qualifies you for high paying jobs. Spending thousands on an expensive online high school program might set you back financially and defeat the purpose of getting your diploma in the first place. ARHS is committed to keeping our prices affordable while still maintaining a high level of academic fidelity.

We’re with you and we have created these three payment options to fit your needs.

Is it worth the money?

Most of our students want to get their high school diploma because they want to earn more money, so the question then becomes: will a high school diploma allow you to earn more money? Well, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statics, high school graduates earn about $750 more every month than high school dropouts. That really puts that $995 price tag in perspective. You could have your diploma paid off and making you money in just 40 days of working the higher paying job that it would qualify you for.