The American Royal High School Experience

The American Royal High School experience will most likely be different from how you remember high school. We believe in a personalized and hassle-free experience for our students. The only thing you should be thinking about is the material, not how you’re going to access it. Our world-class learning management system is designed to make sure that you always have an enjoyable experience and easy access to your classroom, no matter what device you choose to learn on. 


The American Royal High School program is 100% accessible from a mobile device or tablet. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your learning environment from your phone, tablet, or notebook. Being able to check your progress right from your phone makes staying on top of your assignment a breeze.

Grade-A Support

You never have to worry about compatibility issues because we are available to help on the phone or via email. While we don’t expect that you will have any problems with our software, we are also aware even the best systems don’t work right all the time. If you ever have an issue our team will be there to help you and make sure that your up and running again in no time.

Personal Student Dashboard

From the minute you sign up with ARHS, you will have access to your very own student dashboard. From your dashboard, you will be able to view and enroll in courses, communicate with your teachers, see your assignments, and access your learning materials. You can think of your dashboard as the high school office, library, hallway, and your locker all rolled into one! The only thing missing is the cafeteria.

Intuitively Designed Courses

We believe that the only thing you should have to focus on is the material, not where things are located within the software. Our learning management system is designed with great user experience at its heart. Once you start using our system you will start to see just how easy learning online can really be! Everything is where it should be and if you have trouble with something we are always there to help you. People have come to expect great experiences from everything from entertainment to business software, why should educational software be any different?


Knowing how much you have done and being able to compare it to how much more you have to do is one best ways to motivate yourself. Gone are the days of waiting to see report cards to learn how you’re doing in a particular class. Our system allows you to constantly track your progress and grades in real time. It won’t take long before you start to get a sense of how quickly you can actually get your high school diploma. You can use the immediate feedback this system gives you to focus on the areas where you need improvement and become an even more skilled learner.

A Complete Package

Isn’t it frustrating when after you buy something you all of a sudden find out that you need to buy more things to make it work properly? At American Royal High School it is our promise to make sure that you have everything you need right when you need it. That means no hidden fees, no add-ons, and no need to purchase anything else except the program itself. All you need to enroll in our program is a computer and an internet connection.


We think that you have already waited too long for your high school diploma and shouldn’t wait a minute more! It’s our mission to make your enrollment process as smooth and simple as possible.