Credit Recovery Policy

Transfering credits from your last high school can mean getting your high school diploma even faster than you were already going to.

What Kind of Credits Transfer?

We accept transcripts from accredited United States and International high schools. If you have completed any high school at all simply submit a copy of your transcripts to us so we can evaluate them and count credits towards your new high school diploma where appropriate. You also have the option to retake classes that you did poorly in to improve the transcripts that you will receive at the end of your time at ARHS.

Here at American Royal High School, we are all about providing the most value that we can to our students. The time that you have already spent at high school is valuable and you should be recognized for it.



After we have reviewed your transcripts and approved your credits we will prorate your tuition to match what you have already completed. We reduce our tuition by $30 for each high school credit that transfers successfully.

After you graduate:

The credits that you earn at ARHS are completely transferable. Once you graduate you will receive your ARHS transcript and from there you can decide where you want to take them. Good grades on your high school transcripts are something to be proud of and can help improve your chances of getting accepted to college.