The American Royal High School On-Campus Experience

Attending ARHS on-campus is a great option for students. Just like our online program, our on-campus students will get a personalized and easily accessible experience. We welcome students to our campus who want to pursue their high school diploma in an optimized classroom setting. The same high-quality curriculum is used for our on-campus program and we integrate technology into every step of the learning process.

Flexible Semesters

Our semesters are designed to fit into your schedule. You can feel confident that you will be able to start your semester shortly after you enroll in the program. The customized on-campus plan that you create with your advisor will determine when your semester will begin so contacting them as soon as soon as possible is important.

Optimized Learning

Just because you will be taking class in-person doesn’t mean that you should leave your computer at home. At ARHS we believe in integrating technology into our learning methodology. Technology plays a big role in our modern economy and if you want to be able to contribute to the workforce you need to have a strong understanding of it.

Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum has the same high-quality both on-campus and online. The material that we teach is up to date and relevant to what the job market is demanding from graduates. When you choose to go to ARHS in person you get to experience this curriculum being taught live by a professor who is engaged in teaching it to you.

Individual Progress Tracking

When you go to ARHS in person your progress is constantly being monitored and adjusted for. Many high school programs will look at the overall performance of a class as an indicator of what needs to be improved, but sometimes students fall through the cracks with this method. At ARHS we are concerned with your individual success over everything else.

Support staff

We have the staff on our campus to make sure that your learning is supported in every possible way. You will have full access to student advisors, technical support, and faculty when you attend ARHS on campus. If you ever have an issue with the material, technology, or the logistics associated with going back to school we are here to help.

Start your On-Campus Journey Now

If you’re interested in starting a new chapter in your life with a fully accredited high school diploma from ARHS then enroll in our on-campus program today!


We think that you have already waited too long for your high school diploma and shouldn’t wait a minute more! It’s our mission to make your enrollment process as smooth and simple as possible.