Getting a high school diploma in Florida

Getting a high school diploma in Florida

Getting your high school diploma in Florida might be easier than you thought. Florida is currently ranked 28th in education in the USA. While it’s not a super impressive number, the public school system has more pressure put on it than many other states. Florida has one of the largest populations in the United States and managing all those students is a herculean job.  

There are tons of excellent school districts in Florida, but what if you can’t access them? If you’re an adult who wants to get their high school diploma in Florida then things can get even more complicated. Luckily, there is more than one way to get a high school diploma.

This article will show you the three paths to a high school diploma in Florida and help you decide which one is best for you.

Who needs a high school diploma?

High school is required for a reason. Employers use the credential as a qualifying factor for all different kinds of jobs, these days you can’t afford to not have one. If you’re looking to get your high school diploma in Florida then you definitely have a few options.

Some options are just a better fit than others. Especially in Florida. People who don’t live in Florida have a hard time understanding how big it is. As a result of how spread out Florida is, many times it’s hard for people to access centralized resources like education. Luckily there are three great options if you’re looking to get a high school diploma in Florida that anyone can do.


The 3 ways to get you Florida diploma


  1. In Person: If you have the time to go back to high school in person, then this option might be right for you. Adult high school programs may be offered by your local school district, your community college, even your library. This is a great option to explore for many people but will require a commute to a learning institution on a regular basis.  


  1. GED: Taking a high school equivalency exam is a great solution for some people. The test isn’t easy, but it’s manageable as long as you study hard and go to GED prep class. GED testing centers are all over Florida, so finding one near you shouldn’t be a problem. A GED is accepted by most employers, but may not be as competitive as a high school diploma when you apply to college. You can get around this issue by using a GED to get into community college, get your associates, and then transfer to a university.


  1. Online: This is probably the least intrusive way to get your high school diploma in Florida. There are many different online schools to choose from that are accredited by the state of Florida to give high school diplomas. The best part about this option is the flexibility it provides you. If you work or have a family then you might not have the option to go to school in person. Online high school programs put the power in your hands to decide when you spend time studying so you can get your diploma how you want.


Hopefully, this article has made your options for getting a high school diploma in Florida clearer. Having a high school diploma can change the whole way you look at your life and opportunities. Here at ARHS, we make it our business to demystify high school education both here in Florida and across the USA. If you have questions about getting your high school diploma online we would love to help. Contact us today and we’d be happy to assist you any way we can.