GED vs high school diploma, what’s better on a resume.

GED vs high school diploma, what’s better on a resume.

While many times they’re passed off as the same, in reality, there are many differences between how employers look at a Ged vs a high school diploma. Take a second to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employer.

Who would you rather hire:

Somebody with the dedication to finish all the requirements of a high school diploma?


Somebody who did the bare minimum in the form of a GED?

In this article, we’ll look at what these differences are and why they matter to employers and colleges. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what route is best for you.

What are the differences between a GED and a high school diploma?

Getting high school checked off your list of life accomplishments is a big deal. While overall high school dropout rates have been in decline, there are still a significant number of people each year who never get their diploma. If you missed your high school graduation then it might seem like you missed out on a big part of your life. Even if you want to get you high school diploma, you don’t have all the time in the world. You have a life to live, maybe even a family to feed. You’re looking for a solution that is fast but also doesn’t cut corners or look bad on a resume.

So what is a GED?

Great question. A GED or a High School Equivalency Certificate is simply a test that you can take to prove that you know the same information that a person who graduated with a high school diploma does. All you need to do is study for the test, pay a fee, and pass it. For all intensive purposes, it’s a high school degree, but what makes it different?

The truth is not a lot. If you’re weighing your options between an online high school degree program and a GED, then they’re both going to be challenging. With the online options available today, getting your GED will be about as tricky as getting you full high school diploma online.

High school in the USA is a rigorously intensive four-year study program that prepares young people for high levels of education. Going through all of the coursework and earning a full diploma can be a significant signal to employers and colleges that a person is dedicated to academia. While most colleges will accept a GED, you may still have to go to community college for a few semesters before you can transfer to the school that you want.

What employers look for

Employers are a different story. It all depends on the job, but most employers will look at a GED and a high school diploma as the same thing. This sentiment becomes even stronger if you eventually go on to complete a higher level of education like an associates degree.

The only kind of employer that will look differently at a GED vs a high school diploma are organizations like the military. Completing a high school diploma is usually more highly regarded in institutions like the military because it can be seen, for right or wrong, as an indication of someone’s character.

On the other hand, some employers might look at a GED as a sign of independent thinking. The fact of the matter is that getting your full high school degree online can’t hurt and it’s the same difficulty as getting a GED. If you’re interested in learning more about what exactly getting your degree online would be like feel free to contact us for more information, we would be more than happy to help you reach your goals.

Our top 5 favorite home education resources

Our top 5 favorite home education resources

More home education resources are available online now than ever before. Many of the home education resources available are free and can truly help you reach your educational goals faster. No matter if you’re thinking about enrolling your child in an online high school program, or you’re going back to school yourself, these resources can help.

Here we have compiled a list of our five favorite home education resources, but before we dive into the list let’s look at some reasons why you might want to learn from home.   

Home education resources can help you get your diploma

If you’re an adult learner there are plenty of educational resources that you can access right from the comfort of your own home. Building your own learning plan can be fun and rewarding. Maybe you aren’t looking for a diploma and just love learning. Maybe you want to challenge yourself, or maybe you need help getting through another online program you are currently enrolled in.

The benefits of educating yourself or homeschooling a child are almost too many to count. For adults, going back to school in person is disruptive and many times impractical. For teenagers, online homeschooling has been proven to be a better strategy to get kids actually understanding the material and test better. There is no question that home education is a great option for many different types of students. 

The five free resources we have listed below can help any home educator get the most out of their study time.  

5 great home education resources geared toward adult learners

  1. This one makes the top of the list because of its quality. The Khan Academy is great at explaining different math topics and is constantly being improved by the people who use it. We recommend using this as a study tool more than anything, and the best part is it’s 100% free education.
  2. This site is a collaborative effort by many higher education institutions to bring more high-quality education to the masses. Lectors from top schools like Harvard and Berkeley are now available online to anybody. While some classes are paid, there still is a large selection of free resources and classes to choose from.
  3. This site has lots of great resources. The lectors are excellent and they have an impressive library of free content. What’s nice about this site’s material is that it’s so up to date. With a wide selection of courses, it can be a great way to augment existing courses of study with great lectures and class materials.
  4. Similar to edX, academic earth is a totally free college-level course platform for you to learn with. They have a state of the art learning management system and the education is top notch when it comes to the free education world. The coolest part is, you can get a degree from their for free if you have the time.
  5. This site takes pre-existing MOOC programs and lists them all in one place. It’s a great site to go for free educational assistance and to take courses. It has one of the most comprehensive databases of free online degree programs on the internet and should be a staple of any home education diet.


The truth is that the amount of home education resources available today online is unprecedented. If you or a family member is considering getting a high school diploma from home then your support options are almost endless. We hope that you found our list useful and if you need any help with online education and your options we would love to help. Comment on this post, or message us correct and let’s start a conversation about your educational future.

Why you can’t buy a high school diploma online

Why you can’t buy a high school diploma online

The sad truth is that you can go online right now, buy a high school diploma, and have it shipped to your house. The internet is full of diploma mills and other scams that will give anyone a diploma for a price. While these documents many times look convincing they can get you in trouble with a future employer and cost you more than your job.

Below we’re going to look at why getting your high school diploma online isn’t something you should be dreading. We’ll show you how you can earn not buy a high school diploma online faster and easier than ever.

Why earning a high school diploma online is more convenient than ever

It would certainly save a bunch of time and money, wouldn’t it? If you simply buy a high school diploma online then can’t you just go to college and get a job? Most employers don’t look that deeply into your credentials anyway, right?

Unfortunately, purchasing an illegitimate high school diploma can affect your ability to get into college or advance your career. Going back to high school might seem like an expense of time and money, but you should think of it more as an investment.

Earning your degree online is a way that you can save money while still earning a real high school diploma. Online high school diploma programs, like the ones offered here at ARHS, are affordable and can help put you on the track to college or career advancement.

What will get your high school diploma cost you?

Price is the name of the game when it comes to finding the best place online to get your high school diploma online. Online high school programs vary widely in price, and some private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars just for a high school diploma! While that price tag might make sense if you’re trying to get into Harvard, for most of us, it sounds crazy.

So, how much should you pay for a high school diploma?

Like we mentioned above, it depends on your reason for getting your diploma in the first place. If you want an accredited diploma so that you can qualify for a better job then you should keep the price low so you don’t destroy your return on investment. What we mean by “return on investment” is the difference having a diploma will have on your income versus how much you paid for it.

A high school graduate will generally make about $4 more an hour than a person without a diploma. Let’s say you work 40 hrs a week, that $4 extra an hour mean an extra $640 a month. A fully accredited high school degree from ARHS will cost you just $995. You can pay back getting your diploma from ARHS in just a month and half of working at a higher pay grade. A price like that makes sense and with financing options available you won’t have to worry about coming up with the money all at once.

Buying a high school diploma online instead of earning one is a risky thing to do. Being a high school graduate is something you can be proud of and ARHS is here to help. If you ever have any questions or need assistance in any way, please reach out so we can help you reach your education goals.

How to finish high school online in record time

How to finish high school online in record time

It doesn’t matter how much, or how little high school you’ve completed. Everyone has the right and opportunity to earn their high school diploma online. Completing high school online is a great option for people who are looking to earn more money or continue on to college.

High school won’t be like you remember it. Online diploma programs are self-paced and tons of resources are available to help you finish high school online. So, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to complete high school online as fast as possible.

How best to prepare so you can finish high school online fast.

Sometimes online classes aren’t structured enough for students who are used to being highly managed by professors. If you want to finish your high school diploma online then you need to be self-motivated and organized. All you have to do is decide how much time you want to invest each day and you’ll have your diploma in no time. Most programs can be finished faster than normal high school, but if you have transferable high school credit then it could be even faster.

You probably have a job, and might also have a family. You can do this! Online high school diplomas are entirely possible to earn while you’re still working with a little time management. Maybe you want your classroom to be your bedroom, the park, the library, or a coffee shop. When you decide to finish high school online then you get to pick where you take your classes. The flexibility that comes from online school might be surprising at first if you’re used to going to school in person, but you’ll adapt to it soon enough.

A high school education is a big deal

Unlike a GED, you can earn an actual high school diploma from home with these programs. You can be proud that you have the exact same kind of qualifications as a person who went to high school in person. The information that is taught in an accredited online high school is the same as what you would learn in a traditional high school.

The employment opportunities that you’ll be opening up for yourself by getting your high school diploma are plentiful. Thousands and thousands of jobs require you to have a high school education to even qualify to submit an application. You really can’t expect to make a decent living in the USA anymore with a high school education.

Once you have completed your coursework and earned your diploma then nobody can take it away from you. From that point on you will get to decide what you want to do with your life, and that can be a very liberating experience.

What now?

If you’re serious about finishing high school online then your next step is finding a program that fits your needs. You have lots and lots of options online, the two main things you need to consider when picking a school are accreditation and price.

Many online private high schools want to charge thousands and thousands of dollars just for a high school diploma, is that really worth it? When you’re looking into getting a high school degree so that you can make more money, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go broke in the process.

The other major thing that you need to look at is accreditation. You need to make sure that whatever school you choose is accredited and the diploma that they will give you will actually be a recognized high school diploma.

If you still have questions we are more than happy to help. You can reach out to us anytime and if there is a way we can give you guidance then we are more than ready to do so.

How to get an (almost) free ged online as an adult.

How to get an (almost) free ged online as an adult.

The GED is a high school equivalency exam that can be taken by anyone who has prepared for it. That means if you’re an adult who needs a high school equivalency then you can study for and take the test. All the resources you need to do well on the GED test are available online for free, the test itself will cost you about $130.

While there is no way to take a GED test 100% for free, this guide will give you resources and advice to be prepared for your GED test while keeping costs low.

Why you should get your high school GED or diploma

A GED can be a step in the right direction for your education. Besides the fact that it opens up employment options, it also makes you eligible to go to community college. It should be noted that while a GED can be a great option for people looking to immediately continue their education, it is not as good if you’re looking to enter the workforce directly. Having your full high school diploma can help if your goal is to enlist in the military or another type of specialized career path.

If you’re an adult looking to go back to school for personal or professional reasons, then you’re most likely looking for an option that will best fit your schedule. While getting a GED can be a great way to go, the fact that it can’t be completed 100% online is a problem. The best part about enrolling in an online high school program, like the one here at ARHS, is the fact that it can be completed entirely from the comfort of your home. You never have to go into a testing center and never have to change your schedule to fit school.

Getting a GED already costs $130 just to take the test, not including follow-ups if you don’t pass. That cost is increased even more if you buy study material. There are significant resources online that can help you study for the GED for free and we have listed some of the most popular below.

Studying for your GED online for free

Best GED Classes: This is a free to start GED class program that can give you a great base of what type of material will be present on the GED. By using a tool like this to get a general understanding of topics that will be present on the GED exam, you can then go more in-depth with topics you are less familiar with on your own.

Pass GED: This website is a treasure trove of information related to passing your GED. While many of the resources they offer are paid, they also have a wide selection of free resources to choose from. Specifically in their “help center” tab.

Union Test Prep: You can find an almost unlimited amount of GED test preparation materials here for free. They have useful flashcards and practice tests that can up your game when it comes to making sure that you’re prepared to take the test.

What now?

We hope you’re able to find what you needed here. If you’re interested in learning more about what getting your full high school diploma online would be like then we would love to hear from you. ARHS is designed to help you earn a high school diploma online no matter where you are in your life.