How to get an (almost) free ged online as an adult.

The GED is a high school equivalency exam that can be taken by anyone who has prepared for it. That means if you’re an adult who needs a high school equivalency then you can study for and take the test. All the resources you need to do well on the GED test are available online for free, the test itself will cost you about $130.

While there is no way to take a GED test 100% for free, this guide will give you resources and advice to be prepared for your GED test while keeping costs low.

Why you should get your high school GED or diploma

A GED can be a step in the right direction for your education. Besides the fact that it opens up employment options, it also makes you eligible to go to community college. It should be noted that while a GED can be a great option for people looking to immediately continue their education, it is not as good if you’re looking to enter the workforce directly. Having your full high school diploma can help if your goal is to enlist in the military or another type of specialized career path.

If you’re an adult looking to go back to school for personal or professional reasons, then you’re most likely looking for an option that will best fit your schedule. While getting a GED can be a great way to go, the fact that it can’t be completed 100% online is a problem. The best part about enrolling in an online high school program, like the one here at ARHS, is the fact that it can be completed entirely from the comfort of your home. You never have to go into a testing center and never have to change your schedule to fit school.

Getting a GED already costs $130 just to take the test, not including follow-ups if you don’t pass. That cost is increased even more if you buy study material. There are significant resources online that can help you study for the GED for free and we have listed some of the most popular below.

Studying for your GED online for free

Best GED Classes: This is a free to start GED class program that can give you a great base of what type of material will be present on the GED. By using a tool like this to get a general understanding of topics that will be present on the GED exam, you can then go more in-depth with topics you are less familiar with on your own.

Pass GED: This website is a treasure trove of information related to passing your GED. While many of the resources they offer are paid, they also have a wide selection of free resources to choose from. Specifically in their “help center” tab.

Union Test Prep: You can find an almost unlimited amount of GED test preparation materials here for free. They have useful flashcards and practice tests that can up your game when it comes to making sure that you’re prepared to take the test.

What now?

We hope you’re able to find what you needed here. If you’re interested in learning more about what getting your full high school diploma online would be like then we would love to hear from you. ARHS is designed to help you earn a high school diploma online no matter where you are in your life.