Can you get a free high school diploma online?

Your eligibility for a free high school diploma online is entirely based on your situation. If you’re currently under the age of 18 and live in a state that has a public online high school option then absolutely. offers has a very detailed explanation of tuition-free online schools here. When do you have to pay to get a high school diploma online? Usually, free online high school options are not available to adults, or people who are looking to complete a high school diploma that they never finished. For people who fit into this category, their only options online to get a high school diploma will be tuition based.

The cheapest way to get your high school diploma online

Cost is one of the primary reasons that people think they can’t get their highschool diploma. It can also be difficult to justify a spending time and money on something when the benefits from it are not immediate. Your life is expensive enough without adding the cost of getting your high school diploma to the mix, but the cost of inaction might be greater. Luckily, there are plenty of low-cost options to get your high school diploma online. Private online schools can cost thousands of dollars and if you’re not wanting to use your diploma to get into an exclusive college, then it might be money wasted. ARHS is one of many accredited online high school options that are affordable and designed with the adult consumer in mind. Right now you can get your full high school diploma from ARHS for just $995. Tuition is really the only financial cost that you’ll incur by going to high school online. As long as you already own a computer, an online high school will only cost your time and tuition.

Why an investment in your education matters

If you’re going to invest in something, invest in yourself. Education is one of the most beneficial investments, both financially and intellectually, that you can make. A high school diploma gives you more ready access to higher paying jobs and allows you to continue your education at college if you wish. The sooner you decide to finish your high school diploma, the sooner you can start to consider all the ways it can change your life. Having your diploma can open doors that you might have thought closed a long time ago. Let’s take going to college for example. If you don’t have a high school diploma or a high school equivalent certificate then getting into college, even community college is all but impossible. A high school diploma itself is a great accomplishment, but it’s also good to look at it like more of a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Even if you don’t plan on going to college right after you get your diploma, it’s still nice to have the option available so that you can capitalize on it whenever the time is right.

Free is never really free

There are costs associated with every form of education out there. Even if there is no tuition, you’ll still have to spend lots of time studying and taking classes. If you value your time, and you should, then it becomes clear that the only way to truly reduce the price of high school is to get it done with as fast as possible. The beauty of online high school programs like the one at ARHS is they are self-paced. You can finish your diploma as fast as you can finish the course material. So, while you will still have to pay for tuition, you can make up that cost by doubling down and finishing your degree as soon as possible.