Homeschooling in Florida, everything you need to know

Homeschooling in Florida has seen a big increase in recent years partly do the availability of online resources and support for parents. The internet has made homeschooling so much more practical of an option for parents. In the past, if you wanted to homeschool your child, you were essentially on your own.

The public school system in Florida has always been innovative, in fact, it was one of the first to introduce an all online public K-12 option and has the largest virtual school in the nation. In Florida, enrolling your child in an online high school, middle school, or elementary school has never been easier. This article is going to show you why homeschooling in Florida makes sense and help you find the resources you need to get started.

How to get started homeschooling in Florida

It’s tough to make the choice to homeschool, but there are so many reasons why it’s a good idea. Beyond being able to take personal responsibility for your child’s learning, you can be confident in the fact that with today’s online resources you can do an extremely good job.

Sending your child to a private school is expensive and public in-person schools many times will not give your child the attention they need to be successful. All that being said it’s still difficult to balance life while you also have to be your child’s teacher.

Once you’ve made the decision to homeschool you’ll probably want the process is. Florida is one of the easiest schools to start homeschooling from and there are a ton of great resources to help you get started.

Helpful websites to help you get started homeschooling in Florida: This is a great all in one Florida specific resource designed to help homeschoolers at every level. The really nice thing about this website is the support groups page, support groups can make all the difference when your homeschooling. This page has links to tons of great homeschooling groups in Florida. If you’re interested in homeschooling, one of the things you should do is find a group near you and contact them. The group will have area-specific information that they provide you so you can weigh your options and decide if homeschooling is right for your situation. It’s always a good idea to know the laws of a particular state thoroughly before you start considering homeschooling your child. Florida has some of the most straightforward laws that exist in the country, so you shouldn’t worry about that getting in your way.

Why is homeschooling so popular in Florida?

Florida is pretty unique when it comes to homeschooling. The sheer size of Florida puts a huge strain on the public school system which motivated the school board to start pushing the online option as a way to take some of the pressure off. The online K-12 options in Florida fit right into the homeschooling mentality and give parents more control over how their children are actually processing the information.

There is also a large rural population in Florida where it is logistically difficult for families to get their kids to the schools. Fortunately, the internet brings high-quality education to them no matter where they are.

Another popular trend that we are seeing here in Florida is kids going to public school K-8 and then finishing high school online. There are lots of high school specific online options, both paid and public, accredited by the state of Florida to choose from. It’s a fact that kids who go to school online or at home have a greater understanding of the material and do better on standardized tests. If the goal is to get your child into a good school then homeschooling online is a good option.


If you’re living in Florida, or any state for that matter, you should see homeschooling as an accessible option made easier by modern technology. If you still have questions that this post couldn’t answer then we’re here for you. ARHS is a Florida accredited online high school providing affordable education solutions to anyone who needs them. If you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact us so we can tell you more about your options.